Newberry Motors Detail Department & the Hercules 3000

Newberry Motors Detail Department & the Hercules 3000. When your in need of freshening up your vehicle's appearance, Newberry Motors Detail Department can help. We offer a number of services for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Below you can learn more about the incredible Hercules Systems, Inc. 3000 car wash (Auto Salon), along with our full list of vehicle detail services

Featuring: The Hercules 3000
"We'll Baby Your Buggy."

For over 40 years, Hercules Systems, Inc. has been one of the most trusted names in Car Wash and New Car Preparation Systems around the world. Newberry Motors is proud to have the #1 Manufacturer of Car Wash Systems Worldwide, right here in Newberry, Michigan.

Wash, Wax & Hi-Glow

We believe that your car needs to be cared for as much on the outside as it does under the hood. Our Hercules "non-contact" hand detail wash, wax, and Hi-Glow Sealant System is the safest method ever developed to care for your car. Let Newberry Motors "Baby Your Buggy!"

Our Full Detail Services

Detail Complete Deluxe

(Interior reconditioning, exterior wash, wax)


Interior Reconditioning

(Vacuum, shampoo, steam clean, windows, interior trim, under hood, exterior wash, sealant)



(Hand wax exterior)


Wash, Vacuum, Window

(Exterior wash, vacuum interior, clean windows, wipe dash)



(Wash exterior, spot free rinse, hi-glo sealant)


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